New  -  4 pkgs of 1 Pc - 5-1/4" X 6" in hologram gold & silver and two reptile blue mist. Four pkgs of 3 Pcs 2"X3', 2"X3-1/2", 2'X4" in gemstone assortment.

Glace' is a gorgeous hand made material, features fabulous colors and textures. Glace' will help you to create incredible clothing, accessories, jewelry, handbags, shoes, belts, buckles, boxed, picture frames and more!

Simply cut with scissors or sharp knife and attach with tacky glue or double stick adhesive.


Local customers wanting to do pickup - you will find information posted in the Return Policy (Return Policy can be found at the bottom of the home page)

Stanislaus Imports Glace' Metallic and Plastic Decorative Trim for Crafts

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