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New - Made from sealed hardwood and brass. Gently grasp all quilts, weavings or rugs of any size for wall display. Hang on nails, hooks or push pins. Walnut. These are sold by the pair and available in two sizes. This is for the large pair (each one measures 3-1/4" X 1-3/4") hang ups - instructions included.

Please note: Stain varies per piece due to the different wood grains.


Hangers should be spaced 12" - 18" apart, depending on weight and overall size of wall hanging. These hangers will gently clamp onto the edge of your quilt or hanging with a rounded, curve of wood. You will tighten a brass nut to hold the item secure.


Hang Ups Large Size Fabric Hangers For Quilts Weavings and Rugs

SKU: AB6HangUpsLargeSet
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