New - Two Dede's Needleworks - Rachel 100% nylon tubular thread, each 10 yds.  Colors: B-1 and B-21. Mesh: 24, 18, 13, 12

Caron Collection Rachel - (the attached tags only show a color number, no other information) Colors: two B25, two 278, two 210.

There are three that only have numbers on the tags, no other info (sparkly wispy fringe-like):  two (C302, 400) & (L194, 400) and one B132, 422.


Local customers wanting to do pickup - you will find information posted in the Return Policy (Return Policy can be found at the bottom of the home page)


Dede's Needleworks Rachel Nylon + Caron Collection Embroidery Needlepoint

SKU: BC9-11PcDeDeCaro6069