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New -  These were purchased at a local quilt shop - the only info I have about them are their color names, quantity & numbers. Five pkgs of 40 Jet SS6, two of 40 Fuchsia SS12, two of 50 Siam SS10, two of 40 Cobalt SS12, one of 50 Sun SS10, one of 40 Hyacinth SS12, one of 40 Velcano SS16, one of 40 Emerald SS10 and one of 40 Crystal Aurora Povealis SS6. Retail cost $61.00.  


Local customers wanting to do pickup - you will find information posted in the Return Policy (Return Policy can be found at the bottom of the home page)

Flat Back Crystals Jet, Fuchsia, Sun, Cobalt, Siam, Hyacinth, Emerald ++

SKU: AB53-16PcBeads6109
$18.98 Regular Price
$14.24Sale Price
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